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The Cities Navigator Project is a mobile application that enables governments and cities to improve their resiliency and emergency preparedness. It features a mass communication app, navigation capabilities and online citizen services. With Its streamlined configuration capabilities, we can onboard a new country within 5 days using an existing OSM map.

We leverage participatory mapping and have built a simplified interface and process to quickly add service points. In addition, the solution enables service providers like hospitals, pharmacies, gas station, trash collectors to provide real time availability information for their services or critical products.


Click the link below to access the application. Remember to save the link on your home screen for easy access and click here to view the Quick guide. Our team will be glad to integrate your country in the Cities Navigator platform. Please send us an email at register@citiesnavigator.com.

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1. Emergency Management

  • ­­Help citizens prepare for emergencies like flooding or Covid-19
  • ­Share steps and actions to be taken during an emergency
  • Understand what to do after an emergency.

2. Communication

­From one intuitive interface, you can launch alerts to the mass either at the county level or focused on a specific region or city. The built-in messaging capability enables city managers and government agencies to put important information and updates directly in front of recipients. The application works on both Android and IOS devices.

3. Real-time Status on Service Availability

The application has unique capabilities that enable businesses and service providers like hospitals, pharmacies, gas station… to display the availability of their services or products in real-time on the map.

4. Emergency and Navigation

The application has built-in navigation capabilities, simulation of emergency routes, mapping of shelters and other information across the following human geography categories: Communication, Education, Emergency Shelter and Services, Health and Medical, Water and Sanitation, Road Network, Energy, Religious, Open Space, Solid Waste, Shopping.


The Cities Navigator Application is the result of a two-year partnership with many organizations including the US Cameroon Chamber of Commerce, the Office of the Geographer and Global Issues (GGI) U.S. Department of State, the City of Douala, Colorado State University, the Douala Institute of Technology, UASG Advisors and Hawkai Data.

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